Nestled in the Stevensburg District, Kildee Farms exemplifies the lasting bond of family and the dedication to preserving farming knowledge. The farm, initially established around 1920 and named after the abundant Kildee birds, has a rich history and a deep commitment to agricultural heritage.

The farm is proudly owned and operated by the Brown family, with Wayne and Joyce Brown currently at the helm. Wayne’s roots with Kildee Farms trace back to the late 1940s when his father first acquired the land, initially comprising six small farms that totaled 600 acres. In its early years, the farm focused on dairy, beef, and hogs. However, severe droughts in the 1980s forced the Browns to downsize, losing all but 20 acres. Despite this setback, their unwavering dedication to farming enabled them to rebuild, and today, Kildee Farms spans a cherished 95 acres.

At the heart of Kildee Farms is a strong sense of family. Three generations of the Brown family work together on the farm, fostering a deep bond and shared dedication to their land. Wayne and Joyce embody the values of hard work and perseverance. Wayne grew up on the farm and has passed down his love for agriculture to their children and grandchildren. In addition to their normal farm operations, the Browns’ vision is to preserve and promote agriculture for future generations. They have invested in purchasing and displaying farm implements from a bygone era to educate and inspire their kids and grandkids, building an additional barn specifically for this purpose.

Central to the Browns’ mission is the preservation of farming heritage. Their extensive collection of antique tools and equipment, showcasing machines and tractors from the 1840s to the 1950s, is a highlight of the farm. This impressive array, housed in three working barns, offers a glimpse into the evolution of farm life and underscores the family’s passion for preserving agricultural history. Kildee Farms’ participation in the Culpeper Harvest Days Farm Tour, organized by the Culpeper County Department of Economic Development, has made it a favorite destination for visitors. Their stop on the tour features farm animals, slides, and a welcoming atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy a nostalgic and educational experience.

The Browns’ dedication to agriculture and community has earned them significant recognition, including the 2023 Agribusiness of the Year Award from the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce. This accolade celebrates their efforts to maintain their farming legacy while adapting to modern challenges. Beyond its agricultural contributions, Kildee Farms has also become a sought-after venue for barn events, including weddings, receptions, and special occasions. The unique barns and beautiful landscape provide a charming backdrop for memorable celebrations.

Visitors can explore Kildee Farms’ rich history and vibrant present during the Culpeper Harvest Days Farm Tour on September 21st and 22nd. Guests can meet Wayne and Joyce, see the antique equipment, and enjoy the farm’s activities for children. Adding to the farm’s charm is a recently installed covered bridge, which visitors of the pumpkin patch will drive through. This picturesque feature enhances the overall experience, making a visit to Kildee Farms even more memorable and adding to its appeal as a community hub. This year, two of the Brown grandchildren will be featured with a steer they are showing at the Farm Show, on the cover of the Farm Tour brochure, highlighting the family’s ongoing commitment to agriculture.

Kildee Farms is more than a farm; it’s a living legacy of family, tradition, and the timeless value of farming. The Browns’ love for one another and their dedication to preserving agricultural heritage create a welcoming and educational environment for all who visit.