Established in 1749, this historic farm has woven its roots deep into the fabric of local heritage, spanning an impressive 11 generations of family stewardship. Today, Rillhurst Farm proudly holds the designation as a Century Farm, a symbol of its unwavering commitment to heritage.

Originally a parcel of land granted by Lord Fairfax to William Strother, Rillhurst Farm holds deep roots in Culpeper’s history. Throughout the years, descendants of the Strother lineage have remained prominent figures within the community, serving on a variety of boards and community organizations, further solidifying the farm’s status as a cornerstone of Culpeper’s agricultural heritage.

Many recognizable Culpeper farms once made up the expansive Rillhurst Farm property. Following marriages within the Strother family, large properties were gifted to continue being farmed by future generations. Now comprising 555 acres, Rillhurst Farm has been a witness to the ebb and flow of agricultural activities, adjusting to demands of farming throughout the years ranging from crop cultivation to animal husbandry. This sprawling expanse has nurtured crops, tended to cattle, hogs, chickens, turkey, and sheep, embodying the diverse facets of rural life.

In the transformative era of the 1990s, the farm seized new opportunities by transitioning from crop-centric operations to expansive pastures. This shift paved the way for the expansion of the farm’s cow-calf operation, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable livestock management.

Today, Rillhurst Farm remains steadfast in its commitment to agricultural excellence. With a herd of 150 cattle, including 7 meticulously selected bulls for their calving operation, the farm continues to uphold its tradition of raising quality livestock. Employing a fall cattle system, which involves strategic weaning and selling in autumn, the farm ensures both efficiency and sustainability in its operations while offering grass-fed beef available for purchase to Culpeper residents and the surrounding area.

In a move reflective of changing times, Rillhurst Farm opened its historic grounds to weddings in 2018. The 1750 farmhouse, steeped in history and charm, now serves as an enchanting backdrop for couples seeking a rustic yet elegant venue for their special day. Meanwhile, the converted hay barn has been transformed into an event space, bridging the gap between tradition and current day activities.

Beyond its agricultural and hospitality ventures, the farm offers a serene setting for gatherings and celebrations, fostering bonds that transcend generations. As one of the oldest farms in Culpeper County, Rillhurst Farm stands as a beacon of enduring legacy. Through centuries of change and progress, it continues to inspire future generations to cherish and uphold the rich tapestry of rural life, ensuring that its legacy thrives for centuries to come.