In 2021, Beverage Manufacturing produced $20.4 million in GDP for Culpeper County. GDP growth reported at a record of 21.6%, nearly 4x that of the nation.

How can wineries, breweries, and distilleries in Culpeper help drive the economy outside of sales?

Businesses expenses such as supplies, marketing, and services, are often spent at surrounding businesses. When you buy locally, you are not only supporting the business you purchase from, but the businesses they purchase from as well.

Beverage manufacturers in Culpeper County were estimated to make $1.8 million in purchases from businesses located within the county during 2022.

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Sips of Culpeper

Embark on a journey through the vibrant flavors of Culpeper County, where every sip tells a story. Highlighting hand-crafted beverages from wineries, breweries, and distilleries, Sips of Culpeper is your ticket to uncovering the essence of this historic region

Farms Open to the Public

Experience Culpeper farms up close with numerous farms open to the public year-round. Participate in a tour, activities, or learn how your favorite products are made. Appreciate the uniqueness of Culpeper farms in a new way. Visit today.


Carrying owners and staff’s careful selections of favorite perennials and annuals, Culpeper nurseries offer a plethora of unique finds. Local nurseries offer healthy plants grown directly in Virginia’s USDA hardiness zone and staff’s experiences offer customers a wealth of information. Many nurseries offer specialized workshops and events to engage with visitors.

Culpeper Farm Tour

Culpeper’s annual Harvest Days Farm Tour provides a wonderful educational experience with hands-on activities and demonstrations at over a dozen Culpeper farms. The weekend-long event is free for visitors and is held in September every year.

Choose Culpeper Farms is an effort from Culpeper County’s Department of Economic Development to highlight Culpeper farms and agricultural operations and their products.

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