In 2021, the horse show industry produced $22.2 million in GDP in Culpeper County.

Culpeper Equine

Riding Lessons & Training

Horseback riding can be a fun activity, sport, and workout for people of all ages. Training and riding teaches patience, discipline, and compassion. Culpeper farms offer a variety of riding lessons and training options.

Horse Camps

A perfect introduction for beginning riders or an opportunity to advance skills, half-day and full-day horse camps are available designed just for youth.


We understand finding the right boarder is an important decision. Culpeper farms offer a variety of options from field and stall boarding to executive board and training boarding. Find the perfect fit for you.

Horse Breeding

Home to the largest Fjord horse farm in Virginia and a farm specializing in breeding management of Arabian horses, Culpeper features unique farms and breeding opportunities, working with horse owners and farms from around the nation.


Attracting riders and owners from around the nation, Culpeper is home to HITS Commonwealth Park, a 100+ acre horse show facility, the East Coast Stock Horse Association, and numerous horse farms offering a variety of riding shows and events.

Choose Culpeper Farms is an effort from Culpeper County’s Department of Economic Development to highlight Culpeper farms and agricultural operations and their products.

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